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sued by pressler

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i had a default judgment vacated because for improper service.

that attorney is now suing me for another cc in my county, middlesex. im still addressing the one in hudson, nj.

a complaint was filed only stating the acct #, amt plus fees.

nothing else was attached.

i anwered the complaint and then filed to dismiss or vacate the complaint. was the proper.

what should i do?

can i request validation of debt or is it too late because the suit was filed.

what is the best way to address this is the motion to dismiss is denied.

or what should i have done initially to answer the complaint.

where can i go from here

is there any way to ask the court for an extension because i am addressing one law suit in another county.

this was an associates credit card, dont know when opend or closed.

sol is 6 yrs in nj

thank you

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This is the same scum bag attorney that is trying to get a judgment on my friend. I helped them file an answer. Pressler sent a request to call them and already sent interogitories.

I'll be posting the interogitories in a few days cause I'll need some help answering them, and I want to send them my own.

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