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Using the big 3 against each other

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I've got a Capital One derogatory on all three bureaus' date=' but the balance is different on each one.

Can I use that misinformation from each bureau against each bureau in trying to get them to validate/delete-or-whatever?[/quote']

You don't get any real advanyage by the mistake. They were probably updated at different times. A dispute would probably yield a correction (but maybe a deletion).

But if the line is verified with different amounts, you might have a bit more leverage and the right to collect a few thousand dollars.


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Okay, how 'bout this:

When the time comes, and I'm sure it will, when it gets down to two out of three (in any random configuration) clearing off stuff and one hanging on for dear life (por ejemplo, Providian is now off two, but Equifax won't let go), can I then say, hey, these guys wised up and took this off, whassup wichoo? or is it still "show me proof or get it off?" :NudgeNudge:

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