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Looking for an honest debt settlement co..I think


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Well, it has come down to this I think. Short story is that I tried a business about two years ago, never worked out, used the credit cards and that just kept digging in further. I am at a point now with 50k in cc debt with 4 cards and can not even pay the minimum and survive each month. I called one company DTS for help and they stated I am a good candidate for debt settlement, but I have my doubts. As of right now I have no lates, although this is going to change this month, it is food and gas or cc payment. Anyway, I do not know if this is the best route. DTS said in 3 years I will be done, but with huge fees and Power of attorney, which I am not real comfortable with. The debt is about 21k with MBNA, Bof A 2 cards with 9500 and Discover with 11k. Any advise would be appreciated. I was looking for a company I could trust. I do not have a lot of time to deal with the companies and would like to pay for the help. Any help would be appreciated.


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