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Thank You to those of you...

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... who took the time to make all these changes... I admit I got up today and felt like a stranger in a strange land.. now this is like MYSPACE for credit issues.. lol.. although I do blame you all for me not getting any work done (I even got to add a photo of my dog!)

I know much work is involved in a forum. so thanks to you that did a great job.. the site is beautiful.. and fun.. not to mention still user friendly.. Thank you!!!!


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I have no shame... You're welcome!

I got to sit on my a$$ during a boring training class (which I was just moderating) and play too!

Thanks to KRISTY... Do you need a new dental plan for biting that bullet?

It's well worth it, and the check is in the mail!

I love you sweetie!!!!!


And Lady-You rock!


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