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Applied Card Bank - This can't be verification, can it?

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I just got a letter today, goes something like this:


Re: 422************* Balance: $ 776.54

Dear Mr. Lopez (I'm no mister, my name isn't even masculine!)

Thank you for contacting Applied Card Bank's Customer Service Department. We appreciate having this opportunity to serve you.

We have received your request for validation (their word, not mine) of debt on the above referenced account. Please be advised that the above Visa account was charged off for collections January 31, 2002 adn will reflect charged off with the above balance on your credit profile.

(I could have told them that, this is just information that's already available on my credit report)

In order to comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act we need to report the activities on each account in a manner that our policies allow within the FCRA rules and regulations. For this reason we are unable to remove the above account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and trust we have satisfactorily addressed your concerns.

Our goal at Applied Card Bank is to provide quality Customer Service to our Cardholders. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your needs in the future (oh yeah? will they give me another card? I don't think so).

Then they give a phone # for further correspondence should I require any further information.

Meryl Beard (signed with a script font)

CS dept.


Now, since the SOL in NC (where I've lived for the past 5yrs) is 3yrs, and the SOL in DE is 4yrs, should I just wait for the collection agency that got this acct (First National Collection Bureau, NV - SOL 4yrs) to respond to my SOL letter before I go at Applied again, or point our that SOL thing now? Or is there a better way to handle this? This letter is so polite and nice I don't want to get all figurative-poke-finger-in-the-chest-now-listen-here-ish. I just can't believe they'd expect that I'd take this regurgitated info anyone could get with a glance at my report seriously.

What's next guys? Which way now?


*One more thing: The letter is dated the 11th of July. The return receipt is stamped the 10th. One day of research, if that?

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that's definitely not validation, but i'm not following on the rest of your questions... who's reporting it on ur CR, OC or CA ? if the SOL has run, it doesn't mean they can't try to collect, it just gives you an affirmative defense if they sue you. nor does it mean that they can't report it. hope that helped.

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