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CRA are not been nice no more, time to hire an Attorney?

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ok, I just got off the phone with the CRAs, here's what happened

EX - they did receive my MOV letter, supposedly they sent me those documents today, but for some reason I think it's some garbage papers, I will keep up updated on this one when I receive it

EQ - 2 MOV letters sent to them for 2 different accounts, Representative called Richard said that everything is done ellectronically, they can't dispute again, that the CA don't send hard copies, that I have to contact the CA so they can stop reporting on my account, I explain that the CA are not sending me no documents, they have not verified to me, but they did to the EQ, and that I need to check those papers that they received from them, I told him I did receive documents from 1 CA but it looks fake that I will be sending to the BBB and AG but nothing, he kept on the same issue that they don't send those documents, I told him I was going to hire an Attorney to sue them and the CA, and nothing, - I got kind of heated at this guys but again I want to keep the CRA on my side

TU - 1 account - Asset Acceptance, no documents either, he told me same thing, that they don't send those documents but that TU has opened an investigation about it and that they should hear from Asset by August 7th

now my question is should I hire an attorney to go and sue the CRA to send me those documents?

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