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Which CC pulls only TU?

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tu:605 ex:518 eq:560

Is there a CC company that only pulls TU

I am in need of positve credit and I don't know which way to go about it.

Any suggestion on which CC's to try for or Credit union loan ideas anything I am open to all the help I can get



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trwil1, you really need to start searching before starting threads. You've asked several questions that have been answered many, many times... and to expect people to just keep retyping the same advice over and over again, or do the searches for you and post the links, isn't really fair.

Instead of starting a thread for every question that pops into your head, why not do some reading here first? The answers are already here, if you'd only look.

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Sorry for brothering every one, But sometimes you can read 12K posts and not get the answer that you are looking for .

Please know that I do appreicate all the help that you guys provide it is not in vain.


Sorry again for the trouble.

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You're not bothering anyone! But you're not even helping yourself by relying solely on possible posts in your new thread when there are so many other threads on the same subjects, where people have already written lengthy accounts of their experiences.

I'm trying to help you get the most out of your time here, and in the process, help others too. Many times you will not get any answers simply because the regulars have already answered that question so many times they just can't type it one... more... time!!

Settle in, do lots and lots of reading, and we'll all be here to answer whatever questions you might still have about what you've read. :smile:

PS: If you were bothering me, you'd know it... :twisted:

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