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Is this a good plan of action

Guest ahwatukee_girl

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Guest ahwatukee_girl

Greetings all! I'm a newbie and spent most of last night and today reading through the posts for advice. There is so much information and a variety of ways to handle things, but I think I may have figured some things out.

I have a few items on my credit reports that need cleared up and they are:

8 NelNet Student loans all showing between 90- 150 days late in 2003 on Equifax and Experian ONLY. No tradeline with Transunion. Loans have been consolidated and paid on time since Dec 04

1 CO account begining mid 2003 on Experian ONLY. No Tradeline on Equifax and Transunion

2 30 day lates in april and december 04 on a now closed and paid auto loan on ALL 3 reports

I was thinking of sending a goodwill letter to Nelnet, a Verification to the CO (a credit card that belonged to my exhusband)...but I dont know what to do about the closed car loan. Can I please get your sage advise on my plan and any hints or help in how best to accomplish this credit clean up project?

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