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sol question and dv letter address question


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Some of my derogatories are approaching the 7 year mark, some are past; do I still dv all those? Some accounts I know I haven't made a payment or contact in well over seven years but according to TU they aren't scheduled for drop off until next year. How does that work? I have 2 charges from two different CA's for the same exact amount OC: Bellsouth. How do I fix *that*??

Also, a CA sent a letter giving a "settlement." I naively, stupidly called them (way before I ever started researching this) and said I wanted to clear it up and said something about making payments, but never actually agreed to make scheduled payments, since I hung up on the ca agent. Does this extend the sol for 4 more years?

This website is great. It's giving me hope that I can fix something by myself, with no help from the DH who has helped me into this mess with his equally bad budgeting and billpaying skills. I'm so excited and empowered, and how great is that?! Thanks for giving me hope, ya'll. Cheers.

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