Laura Jean

You won't belive what I was able to do!

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I was upstet that my medical bills were on my husbands credit report. So I started some back gound work and found out that the bills in question should never have even been sent to me, that I was covered by insurance that was retro'd to cover them. But I was never informed when or if that had ever happened because my contact with the state was giving me the run around.

So it was worth it. 6 hours on the phone and $1,500 of bills is to be taken care of and the best part is that it will have to be removed from both of our credit reports!

I am still going to write to the credit bureau to be sure they are indeed removed!

Thanks for all the support, since I really thought it would never work, I am hopeful that this is just the beginning and that I can improve our credit and take back our dreams of owning a home some day.:)

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