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after disputing the CRA these come back verified

Cap1- closed

DOLP 9/01

DOLA 3/02

Closed CO 9/02

Chase- trans/sold/pd (Sold to Unifund)

DOLP 6/02

DOLA 7/02

Closed co 1/03

Chevy Chase auto loan- Trans/sold (are they affiliated with Citi Auto?)


DOLA 11/01

Closed CO 9/02

Farmers Furniture

DOLP 2/03

DOLA 7/02

CO 7/04

Does this look like reaging? How can last activity be after last payment? What do they consider as activity other than payment unless it was a payment plan which was not done on these. If it is reaging I would like to start my second round of disputes or what ever my next step would be.

One more if amt past due is $1175 and CO amt is $661 does that mean they sold TL for the difference or they CO at $661 and continue to add intrest because this was CO '02 but monthly balance increases?

Any input is much appreciated.

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