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Experian and OC verifying incorrect charge off dates

I hate EXP

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In less than a year I have systematically cleared collections and inaccuracies on my report. My Transunion and Equifax reports are pretty close to fair territory but Experian seems to be an issue. Most issues were cleared up through online disputes but this came back as being verified

I have Old credit cards from BOA that defaulted in 2001 . I disputed them and the Credit card companies reported the accounts paid . The problem is that they are also reporting the charge off date incorrectly. On the hard copy sent to me the opening date also states that the account was opened in 2004. The dates appear to be correct on Equifax however

Although the CRA has not recieved them yet the items I have for proof are

1 The original credit card

2 A copy of one of my last credit card statements from August 2001

3 A copy of my 2004 credit report showing the original open account showing as zero

4 The account showing that the collection account ( now deleted from my current report) opening in 2001

The report also shows the very same account opening in 2004

I plan on disputing again in writing and requesting correction or deletion. Any suggestions on wording of such dispute or advice on how to proceed. If it comes back as verified I will dispute with the Original creditor. I do have a lawyer if a lawsuit is applicable but I have not discussed this issue yet. Any suggestions?



PO BOX 1390


(800) 441-0130


Transferred,closed/Account charged off. $xxxxx written off.

Date Opened:


Date of Status:


Reported Since:


Last Reported Date:


Your Statement:


Creditor's Statement:

Purchased by another lender.

Account History:

Charge Off as of Jan 2002 to Apr 2004

180 days as of Dec 2001

150 days as of Nov 2001

120 days as of Oct 2001

90 days as of Sep 2001

60 days as of Aug 2001

30 days as of Jul 2001


Account Number XXXX

Account Type Revolving

Credit Limit

(High Credit) $xxxx

Charge Off Amount $xxxx

Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms)

Date Opened October, 2000

Date of Status April, 2004

Last Payment Date October, 2003

Loan Type Credit Card, Terms REV


Description Transferred to/purchased by another lender

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Looking at what you have listed as your Experian TL, I dont see the problem. It lists the original delinquency as july 2001 so it should come of 7 years from that date. The status date isnt going to change that.

Where it says charge-off Jan 2002- April 2004..... that is just saying the company reported it to them as a charge-off every month during that period. It doesnt really change when it will fall off.

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"Charge Off as of Jan 2002 to Apr 2004"

I used to think this was fine and dandy too, but when you get your report from myFICO, all those unnecessary, redundant charge-offs actually appear as late payments (90+ days late) on an account that, by definition, cannot have any late payments since they already reported it as a loss.

What this does to your score is it brings it down because it shows recent history of non-payment.

Experian is well aware of this problem, but they fail to correct it.

Old late payments after charge-off, (2 years old or more) will only affect your score a couple points, but the recent ones will really hurt it.

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