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So I found the court calendar for state court over here in Atlanta. I see that several collections cases are up...and some being represented by Fred Hanna scum.


I wanted to go check it out...to see how they present their cases if I could...to get an idea how to prepare myself for court...which I know will probably happen soon. Just filed an opposition to their motion for summary judgment against me....I hope I can get my day in court...even though I might lose. If I fail, at least I tried. You know?

Anyway...this job I applied for at a high school just contacted me and wanted to schedule an interview for tomorrow morning. So...my plans of seeing Hanna banana in action are dashed. Oh well. Hopefully I can see some more cases before anything happens with mine.

Hope everyone has a good day. Random post, yes...just thought it was interesting to see all those collection cases on there...most by creditors often referred to on this forum. heh

take care

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