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unlicensed collection companies


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I called my state office where all the buisnesses have to register to do buisness in my state of MA. The collection Company is from Florida.

And the office in Boston said that they are not registered.

I have checked other ones also and they came back registered.

Now this collection company has been reporting a debt to my credit report for a while and I have sent 2 validation notices and they come back with a photocopied letter from march of 2004 as validation. It doesnt state anything that would make it mine. It is not mine and I have been tring to get it off my report.,

Now the Credit Bureaus have come back with there investigations saying that they have been verified. all three bureaus have.

So now I am stuck.

If a collection company isnt licensed to collect in MA, and their offices are in FL.

Isnt that against FDCPA regulations.

if it is what do I do next.

please help

Crystal Palmer


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