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Dept. of Mediation and Resolution-TX

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I'm a newbie here with a question. My husband has been receiving harrassing phone calls by a Michael Lowery from the Dept. of Mediation and Resolution in Houston, TX. He claims he is an investigator. We live in Illinois. In Jan. 2003, my husband apparently took out a loan with an Americash Co. I was not aware of this loan at the time, but he listed me as his spouse. I didn't sign anything. Anyway, I believe this is a sort of payday loan type of place. The loan was no more than $400, maybe less. Long story short, the loan was not paid off entirely. I *think* a year or two ago, the original creditor(americash) actually put through a ACH debit through our bank accounts, but I haven't had a chance to dig through all the records just yet to verify. The guy has been calling for a few weeks now, and I've been ignoring the calls. Well, today, he started asking for me for the first time, and left this long, detailed, message for me, indicating I was in serious trouble blah, blah, blah. I finally called him on my lunch hour just to get some general information about the company etc.. This person has called my husband's sister, his employer etc... I ask him today to please send a letter validating the debt, and was told their company did not provide such information by mail. The conversation got heated, and he hung up on me.

I was curious to know if anyone has had any experience with this company and if they are legit? Would they fall under the same guidelines as normal collection agencies,etc.? It may not even be an issue if I can find our old bank statement proving the amount was debited from my checking account awhile back..

Also, can I send a do not call letter? He hasn't called my employment yet, but I'm scared he might.

Thanks in advance!


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