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The Household Death Watch

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OK, so as we all know (or maybe not...), Household has a nasty habit of closing your account when you hit a zero balance, if they see you have been getting better cards with higher limits.

So I've been waiting for the hammer to fall, and now I have a balance of $4.55 (and that's only because of their $2.00 minimum finance charge! Yeah, they charged me $2.00 in interest on a balance of $2.55!!!!). I know the end is near because this month I was due for my usual 6-month auto CLI and didn't get it. I stopped using the card many months ago because of the 23% rate.

I'm taking votes on what I should do:

1) Close it myself.

2) Wait for them to close it.

3) Put a small charge on it every month and PIF just to piss them off.

It has a $39 fee, which they won't waive no matter what.

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OK, so aren't you the one that is constantly telling us not to close Positive TL???? :confused:

And, I'm pretty sure I read a post by you that said you had closed accounts before when you were pissed and then regretted it later ;)

So here's a vote from a Noob......


These are for you......

:Pasties: :Pasties:

(I wanted to give ya some more, but apparently there is a limit?!)

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Wait, there's a hooters :Pasties: limit on here? OH NOOOOO!!!!!! What will I do?

I know, I know, I shouldn't close it. But if they close it (which by all accounts, they will), it will be without notice and with an ugly "closed by credit grantor" on my reports. This is why I'm wondering if I should do it myself, on my own terms. I just hate paying $39 a year for a card I can't even use, at 23%.

Decisions, decisions...:confused:

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Be sure to tell them that you are the mighty LNY (sub-prime creditors flee from your glare, thousands flock daily to hear your wisdom) and then offer to mail them a good stock of vaseline to aid in the shoving of this card up their tightly wound ******


:Pasties: :Pasties: :Pasties:

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I just called and asked if it's possible to combine this crappy card with my Union Plus, thus closing out crappy card. Apparently they have to send me a letter, which I have to sign and return, before they'll consider it. They also asked me--after pretty much saying goodbye--"oh, by the way, what's your income," which sort of pissed me off. It's not like I'm applying for a new card!!

They'd better not pull a hard on me for this... that question gets me to wondering... :evil:

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Yeah, that's the thing. It's not one of those $300 cards. It's $2800. I'd rather it be folded into my Union Plus, which has a better rate, a better reputation and no fee.

I know, that would be too easy, right?:roll:

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