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Equifax looking to mess up the clock?

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I just got a letter today that Equifax has looked into my disputes but the information I sent them doesn't match anything in their records and they want some form of identification (copies of SS card, pay stub with address, utility bill, etc). My information hasn't changed in 5 years (except 911 changing the addresses in the neighborhood, but the old addresses are still viable and I've been using mine consinstently). What's the deal? Do I mail them what they want, or does this warrant a phone call? They sent a copy of the report no problem, why do they need this verification? Again, my info hasn't changed in FIVE YEARS. <insert heavy sigh of exasperation here>

Are they trying to mess me up here?

What's next?

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A copy of your State issued ID is the only thing you need provide per the law. If they ask for more for identification, you don't have to provide it (and probably shouldn't), and they cannot require it.

If they can't match your identity with what they are reporting, that is tantamount to an admission of guilt in providing inaccurate information in your file.

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