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Idiots at Equifax

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Recently, DH and I were going thru the process of a home construction loan. Prior to or application, we had to deal with some federal tax liens. We receive the Withdrawal of Tax Lien documents from the IRS and immediately filed our copies at the local county courthouse because it would take about two weeks if we waited for the IRS to send copies of the Withdrawal docs. to be filed at the same courthouse.

Anyway, we got on the phone and spoke with the cra's reporting the lien info, TU and EQ. We got fax numbers and sent them written disputes and copies of the Withdrawal docs. They said it would take 3-5 days fro the computers to update the info. The lien information came off of TU the next day. EQ, however was still reporting it a week later. So we called them up again and were told that yes, they had received via fax, the necessary documents. The rep said she couldn't understand why the information hadn't been deleted and apologized for it taking so long, but again told us it would take 3-5 days for the computer to update. Sure enough, the information was gone the next day.

So, we get a copy of the reports on June 1 saying the liens had been satisfied/released. In June 6, we get another report that says the liens had been deleted. Great so far, but wait...

About a week later we pulled DH's reports thru TrueCredit and the lien information had reappeared on DH's EQ report. The next day we got ANOTHER report directly from EQ report that said the information had been verified and that the liens had not been satisfied/released! . So DH calls them up, turns the tape recorder on and proceeds to calmly and politely growl at the answering rep. regarding this re-entry of now inaccurate information. She put him on hold while she verified that EQ had received all the necessary documents came back on the line with all kinds of apologies. When she said it would take 3-5 days for it to be deleted, DH demanded it come off by noon that day because the bank would be pulling our reports sometime after noon that day. Wow, was I impressed when we pulled his reports just before noon and it was gone.

So, I wrote an ITS regarding the illegal re-entry of disputed information, offered to settle for $1000 and gave them 15 days to reply. They replied as if I'd sent in a standard dispute, results of the investigation, "Information no longer showing in the credit file." Then I came here, found the address of EQ's General Council and sent an ITS directly to his office and gave him 10 days to respond. His time limit was up this past Monday. I'm betting I'll get another standard investigational response, however, I believe I'll type up a complaint to send to Mr. General Council and generously give him another 10 days to fork up a check before I file it.

I just though I'd share this "cra moron story". Thought it might make someone grin and wonder, "how dumb can they be?"

Grins and giggles, everybody! (and for the record, I miss the little party of dancing ballons!)

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