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Credigy Receivables DISMISSED!!!

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So I arrive in court for the final appearance today... and the same local rent-a-lawyer shows up. He barks at me to join him online to see the court clerk.

He wouldn't even look me in the eye when he tells me that Credigy has requested dismissal of the case. He seemed more than a little angry about it.

When we get to the clerk, the clerk grins at the lawyer because he looked so angry. The lawyer tells him his client has requested dismissal and that he's been "unable to contact" any of their lawyers. Then the clerk says "Is that with prejudice, or without?" The lawyer stares at him for a long moment and says "you know... that’s not a very nice word..."

He grudgingly says "with prejudice", and the clerk gleefully says "Have a nice day".

After all the hell this fraudulent fake storefront collection agency has put me through, I couldn’t resist patting him warmly on the back and saying, “Of course you know this is nothing personal”.

One of the best days of my life.

This web site has been both a comfort and a godsend for me. Keep up the good work, all of you, and stick to it! Persistence is the key!

After 9 disputes, TransUnion continues to report Credigy as being “verified and accurately reported”…

With this dismissal and their lack of prosecution and evidence, and flagrant violations, I now have ammunition to go after Credigy and TransUnion for FDCPA/FDCRA violations, so this will be the next step. Now I look forward to seeing what kind of case I have to go after THEM. It's good to know that we little fish can turn the tables on the sharks.

For years I used to dread even the thought of looking at my credit reports. After one year and tons of disputes, I have managed to raise my score from the 530s to the 750s.

My thanks to all of you and this wonderful site.

“It seems that in this case… resistance... is far from futile…”

--- The Doctor

Star Trek Voyager

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