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Please Help With Sketchy Verizon Credit Reporting


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I have read what you guys have posted and have been inspired to clean my credit report. Thank you so much. I just got a new report from TU and there is a negative on there from Verizon.

I closed my account with Verizon and was told I would get a final bill from them. When I got the bill, it was wrong. When I tried to call I held for 40 minutes before giving up. When I logged on to the internet to dispute the bill, the account information my account was closed and I could not access it. I got the correct amount on a bill 2 months later, but for some reason I didn't pay it until May: 5 months later. I think I just found the statement laying around or something and paid it. I don't know why it took me so long, but I had no idea they were reporting it as a collection account on my credit report.

I called them and spoke to a Kenny and an Anna in their customer support department and got nowhere. I just don't think it is right. Is there anything I can do? I am a college student trying to get student loans and this is really messing me up. :confused:

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