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Does anyone know about pre-paid legal services

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I received a summons to answer to the complaint by a CA. I did a DV and they sent me about 2 years worth of bills in response, but not the original contract. I am currently working with Debt Shield, who is handling 4 accounts. One has been settled. Since they can only provide me with limited legal advice, I panicked and am looking into pre-paid legal.

If anyone can provide some assistance or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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My experience with them has not been great.

As other people have pointed out on the web, they seem more interested in getting you do do your will with them. BUT maybe I was just assigned a subpar law firm, or the particular atty who reviewed my cases was disinterested. I went to them twice regarding legitimate FDCPA and contract dispute issues, and both times they declined to help. As a matter of fact, I cancelled the service yesterday, as I didn't feel like jumping from firm to firm. I'll just use my city's bar referral service instead.

I hope you have better luck!

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