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Old Bank of America Mastercard Account.


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I am in the beggining stages of credit repair. I just got a copy of my Transunion report. Under the title "adverse accounts" it shows a bank of america card that is still reporting. When I pulled my fico score from myfico.com this account also showed up. On myfico.com report it shows the date of last activity in 1996. On the report that I just got from transunion today it does not show a date of last activity but it was "updated" on 12/2002 and closed on 12/2002. Also on the transunion report it shows that it is "unrated". I do not know what "unrated means".

I would like to remove this account from this report. It does not show on the others. Is this account hurting my credit score? Also, is it past the seven years where it should come of? Thanks for your help.


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