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any help would be greatly appreciated


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First and foremost, hello to everyone out there. I am relatively new to this forum, at least posting-wise. I have been a "lurker" for about two months now and sent my first dispute letters to CRAs on 7/20/06. Got my first letter back from TU. It was a "form" letter simply stating FCRA laws and nothing else of significance. It didn't even say anything about my dispute. :roll: I have read all the stickies in the forum to get an idea and I'm supposing this is a stall tactic. I do have a few questions my search has not brought up so far.

1. Regarding TU's form letter, I assume from reading the posts that I should wait the full 35 days and then demand a deletion if they don't respond. Is this correct?

2. The DH has an old CC account that is at its 7 year mark in April of next year but a CA is reporting the SAME account as 04 of 2006! I am supposing that this was recently bought by the CA, but is it removable after 7 years from delinquency date from OC or from CA? It has gotten me confused because now they're trying to get us for twice amount of original debt. Any ideas?

3. My gameplan right now is to wait out the disputes from CRAs and then send DVs to the ones I didn't get deleted. I am now currently working on getting INQs deleted off my account. Is this a good way to go about it, or should I be sending off DVs to CAs and OCs simultaneously while waiting for dispute results?

I would really appreciate any input. It's enlightening to see how many people have fixed their credit scores on this site. Thanks for letting me see the light at the end of the tunnel!:D

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TU always sends that form letter. They are investigating and will let you know the results.

I'm not sure from your post..... are you refering to the open date on the CA TL? If so the open date on collections is the date they recieve the account but it should still fall off at the same time the OC is scheduled to fall off.

Your game plan sounds fine.

Good luck.

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