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Collection Paid By Other - My DoS updated


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I had a collection on my credit report for an apartment rental that I shared with an ex-girlfriend.

The collection had reported on both of our credit reports.

It was opened 10/98.

I have never paid this collection.

It appears that my ex-girlfriend had paid it back in 4/04.

It now shows as Paid, Closed/Colleciton account on MY credit report.

Date of Status= 04/04.

Is this correct?

Can I dispute it?

I have just disputed the item as being over 7yrs old...and then got a recent credit report showing that it was paid.

Will it not now come off because the date of status has changed?

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What's up, Bug? I recently asked a question similar to this...

Turns out that the "date of status" is inconsequential. That date changed due to your ex paying the bill. The only date that matters as far as falling off of your reports is the "date of first deliquency" or when the account first became past due. Different CRAs use different terminology, but I wouldn't worry about the "date of status."

You CAN dispute it with the CRAs and if you're lucky, it may get deleted! Its already showing about as well as it can (Paid, Closed/Collection). What do you have to lose?



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