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Need Help aproaching a dispute


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Recently pulled reports and would like to ask for suggestions on a few things.

In Apr 2002 I opened a study program with RUE Educational Publishers. All the courses combined would have been $2700.00. Yes I did sign a contract for all the material. When I recieved the first book I could see I had been taken and refused further materials and refused to pay. Shortly afterward RUE attempted collections. But never filed a credit report.

In 2004 I discharged a chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This should have discharged any previous consumer dept including the account with RUE.

Now I find a charge off for the amount from RUE on both Experian and Trans Union.

Since both TransUnion and Experian know about the Chapt 7 BK and still listed this as a charge off, are they not in voilation reporting a rated charge off?

A sample Letter or advice on how to handle this would be appreciated.

Also Can someone provide the mailing address for Experian? They seem to want to do everything online but I want a paper trail.

Thanks Chuck

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