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Changing date of Last Activity


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The SOL expires at the latest, Sept 2003. When I asked for a DV, the JDB said SOL was Sept 2003.

I last paid on this credit card in September, or August of 2003. It has always been listed as Sept 2003, until now, on the TU CR.

I had four credit cards. I last paid on two of them in July or August of 2003. One card has an incorrect last date on several CRs. One place it is liste as march 2004 and another place Nov 2003. These dates are incorrect because I tried to keep paying one card when I let the other three go. This is one that I had to let go, in the summer of 2003.

I guess I am going to call the bank and get copies of all my checks from July-November, to get the exact dates.

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