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Okay, I'm checking out a CA that called me today - Credit Solutions Corp. They're out of San Diego, and I'm in Florida.

I looked on a sticky, followed it, and it says Florida requires CAs to be licensed.

I then went to the FL govt. pages - the licensing portal - and it has no option of choosing to look up any CAs.

I also went to Florida's Office of Financial Regulation to look it up, but found only five similarly named CAs.

Is there another source of finding out if they're licensed? I'll call someone tomorrow to double-check, but I cannot find the info at all online.

And I can't figure out if they're exempt in Florida.

The statute reads: (h) Any out-of-state consumer debt collector who does not solicit consumer debt accounts for collection from credit grantors who have a business presence in this state.

Because they've solicited debt accounts from Providian, who does have a business presence in this state, they are NOT exempt, right? Jeez, I was a paralegal by trade and am not even sure if this applies or not.

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