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reaffirmation reports negative?


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Okay. i had a car loan, filed ch 7 bk, reaffirmed car, car payments Never late. Experian was reporting late, diputed w/them. It just came back now stating:

reaffirmation of debt/never late

as of april 2012, this account is scheduled to go to a positive status

Account History:

filed ch 7 4/30/05 (actually 4/01/05)

paying debt prviously in bk on july 30, 2005

So, should this really report as negative? I mean if i reaffrimed and never paid late, isn't that a good thing? TU has it reported as good account, never late. :censored:

Please help?!


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Ok, first of all there is no such thing as not including your house in a BK. You DID include it (as ALL debts must be) and if you signed no reaff then the mortgage loan was discharged. The notation on your reports is correct as IIB. If you never signed a reaff, how can there be any verification ?

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