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I know this was posted just show me the way. i DV the ca, no nothing 30 days past,nothing

i then send copies of the green cards and lettles to all CRA nothing.

what next sens a 2nd DV to ca, or sue.

1. they called 2 times thats it, i pulled a cr and there they are.

2. no responce, to my dv.

3. last cr said it vertified,

4.?????? sue at lease 3 volations no. 3000 yes.



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No. There are alot of variables there.

1 Was your DV timely? If not, they do not have to reply to your DV

2 Are there errors on the TL?

3 It is $1000 per FDCPA action, not violation

4 Then you can get $1000 for the FCRA (whether that is per action or per violation, I do not know- but you can also get punitive uinder the FCRA)

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