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I have been trying to get a Student Loan removed from my credit reports for over four years. To make a long story short..I never received the funds because my son did not attend college that semester. The college sent me a form claiming to return the funds to DOE. It took for years of having two listings for the same delinquent student loan to be removed. I had all of the paperwork sent to DOE and CRA. Nobody would move it. Disputed it online just one month ago and they came back as verified. College was just fined $658K for not returning money to DOE since 2001. Today it fell off. Do I have recourse against anyone for the adverse information reported for four years and financial hardship caused by not being able to get loans, etc. because of this debt being reported? I have all of my records and paperwork from college stating that they returned the money. I'm real new here and I have been reading as often as I can. You have lots of great information. I have been able to have three paid collections removed just by requesting validation and two removed because they could not be validated. That's five within two months and now the two listings of the student loan. I thank you all so very much. Please let me know if I have any recourse for the student loan situation.

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