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Telecheck - How do I get live person?

Guest Von

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Here's the deal. I have a business account with my back for the last 4 years with absolutely no problem and my business # is on my checks. About a month ago I opened a personal account with the same bank (home phone # on checks). I have written about 18 checks so far on the new account. Last weekend I wrote one for some clothing for my daughter and they said it was denied and gave me Telecheck's information. I called Telecheck and got a recording saying it was because they don't know me well enough - it could be the check number (#1018), time account has been opened for, or whatever but it doesn't have anything to do with bad checks (which I have none). They said to wait 6 days and try again and they would go on a case by case basis.

What in the world? I can't go writing checks all over town not knowing if Telecheck is going to accept my check. How do you go about getting your checks accepted if they don't know you or if you have a new account? My bank has no idea what to do and they have never heard of this.

I need to talk to someone at Telecheck but all I get is a recording. If I hit 0, it starts the recording over.

Thanks for the help!

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