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Refinanced Question


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Hello...this is my first time posting, and I'm fairly new to repairing my credit, so please bear with me on this journy :)

I got a loan from American General Finance in 9/01. A year later (and still in college), they offered me some more money, so I went and did that. They refinanced my loan in 9/02. This continued 2 more times, resulting in 4 total items on my credit report for American General. I finally paid off and closed my account with them just 2 months ago, and on my report each of them list that it has been "refinanced", but as I go about this process, i just hate seeing all these items on my report that don't even exist. In truth, it is all just one account, correct? Shouldn't there be just one listing for American General on my credit report, regardless of refinancing? And if so, is this something I can simply write a letter to the credit bureaus regarding? I realize this is a meager issue as far as the other issues on this board (as well as in my report), but it is something that bothers me every month I run my report.

Thank you in advance for ANY help you can provide!


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