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No Credit Report?!!!

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I just went up to MyFico and ordered all 3 reports. Only 2 were processed. The error message I rec'd went something like this.... "We regret that we are unable to fulfill your order for FICO-Experian because your credit report does not currently contain enough information to meet the minimum scoring criteria required to calculate a FICO score...blah blah blah

So, went up to Experian to order the report directly and AFTER charging my card; lo' and behold....I don't have a credit report with them! I did 3 months ago!

So...Now what? I'm getting ready to call them but would really like know what I'm in for at this point to obtain my so-so credit back!!!!

BTW, the discount code - cppsavings worked today.

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Well something must be screwy because I ordered myfico and couldn't get TU. So I ordered off of TU's site and they haven't updated anything since 2003.

Anybody got a number for a bigshot at TU, one with a dialect I can understand.

My score at TU was 659, so with 3 more years of paying and nothing derog it should go up. Do ya think.

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What could happen is that your file was split. It happens all the time and EX split my file one time.

That is why it is important to always check your credit report in case something like this happens. Your best bet is to call up the CRAs and talk to them about it.

EX found my split file right away and a few days later it was corrected...

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