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First dispute setup a quick delete from CRA's? Maybe?


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Hello All,

Well I just finished my first dispute with the CRA's and a repo I have, (that shouldn't be their) came back as verified with the coments "redeemed, repo" and had a 60 day late added the month after.

My question is if I redeemed the repo in July by paying it off, which I did, how can I be 60 days late in August? :hmm: Can I explain this to the CRA's showing them the logic and maybe get a delete? Would trying to do this with the CRA's be the way to go here? I have the receipt thats shows the payoff. :)

My other thought is that they marked July as a 60 days late and a repo (Not true per my reciepts) but could not fit both of them in so the 60 days moved to August. Is that the case if you get two bad marks in the same month?

One more item I'm not sure of, I believe the 60 day late mark is a new bad mark so should I have been notified in writting by the OC about this new mark?

Thanks for you replies and advice! I look forward to hearing from everyone.


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