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Help with Mann-Bracken

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First Post, thanks for being here...

Wife has charged off acct with Chase. Acct. is disputed, because Chase refused to honor an agreement she had with them after being in a 24 month payment plan after job loss in family. She paid this plan perfectly as agreed, then they would not honor 1/3 settlement agreement at end of 24 month plan. State of NC. Still within SOL. We have not received any written correspondence from Mann-Bracken. This is the 3rd CA that has contacted us. Others were sent Cease/Desist letter and they stopped. I don't think Mann-Bracken has our full address. They called and wanted us to verify our address, which we politely refused.

Should I send a Cease/Desist letter at this point? Or what should I do?

Thanks for the advice

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My wife has not received anything in the mail from these people. I thought you had to recieve a letter which states that you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt. Should she wait to recieve this, THEN send the verification of debt letter?

Thanks again LadynRed

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