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BK w/o the means test.....are my figures correct?


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State: IL

six months used -feb 06 to july 06

goal: too see if i qualify for bk wo the means test

feb 06 to july 06

Total Income 23,161.05

total income over last 6 months = 23,161.05

divide by 6 = 23,161.05 divided by 6 = 3860.175 times 12 = 46,322.1

is the total under the Illinois exemption amount? Currently 43,000

ANSWER NO, you still must do means test... But close.

Therefore under the current 6 months income, Feb to July 1 would not qualify without the means test.

Is that correct? Are there any other legal means to be in under the exemption? If I am a sole prop would that make a dif (consumer vs business)

All constructive comments welcome...



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