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Offer from OC Should I take it?

Should I take it?  

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I have had a collection on my account reporting for 5 years in error. Through this column and others I have DV'ed them and they have provided inadequate validation yet continue to report and verify to the bureaus. After 3 verifications to the bureau, I have filed a 3000 small claims action in small claims court. Also, I have had a credit card declined as a result of said colleciton.

They have recently received my suit and have called stating they will stop reporting and write off the balance as a settlement to the suit but will provide no monetary damages. I have a mediation hearing on the 22nd of this month. I have approx 75.00 tied up in this small claims action and feel confident presenting my case. Attorneys are also barred from mediation/small claims proceedings in the state of Mi. Should I settle or take my chances at mediation? Your thoughts?

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