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Poor Merchandise 6 years ago returned on my CR

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Newbie here but read a lot.

Filed a dispute with CRA regarding a PC purchased years back from Gateway


They sent a pc, no floppy drive, back then it was vital for kids to transport homework back and forth to school via floppy drive. They sent another PC but it appeared to be a refurbished PC, fan died after 2 weeks, and it would shut off cause it over heated. I called, spoke and still have names of Customer Service Reps and they took it back and I ended up purchasing a PC through a work program. Now, years later, trying to buy a house discover this 2,500.00 bill on my CR. The original PC package was 800.

I disputed with CSR, I sent VD to ASSET ACCP. Registered, got the green card back and also, should I send a validation of debt, explaination letter to Gateway.

I have some info, account number, people I spoke with, but lacking some UPS reciepts on returned merchandise.

Any advice? I hear Asset is hard to deal with. Thanks a bunch..

I just want this off my report it is not mine!


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Nothing yet, but I did receive a settlement letter for half.

The original PC was 800.00 Can I sue them for wrong information?

It hasn't been 30 days yet.

Wonder if I should send the same letter to the OC?

I have the names of the people I spoke with and everything.

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You sent them VD? Dang, I wish I would have thought of that...guess they are finally getting theres!

Just kidding, have you waited for the results of your investigation yet?


Quartermoon, I would fight this all the way and not pay a cent. Use everythign here to yoru advantage, and if/when the time comes, sue them.

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OK, first. Gateway is the wrong place to send letters. Asset is a JDB and Gateway doesn't own the account any longer. In PA, it appears like the SOL is either 4 or 6 years, so you may already be off the hook there.

When did you last pay on this?

What exactly does the tradeline say?

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