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Article: "Buy a 2006 car ON SALE?" Kiplinger's mag

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Hi all. Just got the new Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine today (September issue) and the Ask Mark (Drivetime) article on page 110 compares buying a 2006 vs. 2007 model.

He states that spending more on the 2007 model very well may be worthwhile due to depreciation, that the 2006 sitting on the lot has bled resale value. But that the buyer may be better off with the '06 if incentives, dealer discounts or your negotiating skills can erase the depreciation gap. Also, if you want to finance, pay off and drive her till she dies, then simply get the best deal...

This column is not on the Kiplinger's website yet. But one could go the library or your local magazine stand and peruse at will.

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