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1st Judgement... CLEAN-UP possibly w/o atty?


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Finally working again & will be able to finally pay up on my unsecured debts. _thank God!

Will I need an atty? And do some specialize in credit repair? (or are they all BK atty's?) I do not have the time to haggle w/ the CA's.

I have one Judgement against me & 4 other debts w/ CA's.

I would like to try & vacate the judgement & settle on the first & would like to settle (PAY) w/ all the other CA's. I do have the cash to deal. (no garnishment happening, etc.)

But I'm reading info. on dealing w/ CA's, some says to not deal w/ them & only deal w/ OC's b/c they're the only parties that can remove items from my CR. (to the point of a most favorable: "paid as agreed") How does one get a debt back to the OC? CD letter & try & contact OC?

I have also read the "loop hole" that in Calif. that we must agree to let another party (CA) collect on a debt. Is this true?

TIA for any feedback/direction

-also, any suggestions for finding a great "credit atty" in addition to the naca site? ( which was suggested by bud hibbs )

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