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Calling all Experts,

Need some advice please. Here's the problem. DH has HHLD acct. on his CR

Opened: 1995

Closed: 08/99 by the credit grantor

Charged Off: 2000

My question is, the acct. history was showing late every month from 1996 until 2000, according to OLD CR from EQ, could I calculate the 7 year reporting period from the date the acct. was closed?

Even more intresting this acct. shows on EXP and TU as CO in 05/01. Hmmm can we say re-aged!

Under the FCRA 605© the "Commencement of the delinquency" doesn't apply to this acct. because the acct. was reporting (neg.) info. prior to the new enactment. The new enactment only applies to items of information after that date.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!!!!

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