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Which law applies in TN and other musings...

Guest bpoteet

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Guest bpoteet

Hi all. New to the site, and have just started the xThudx involved xThudx process of paying/settling off mine and my wife's old debts (ye olde Youthful Indiscretions).

A few questions that have crossed my mind:

I live in Tennessee. We don't have the most favorable collection laws, and from what I've been reading, it seems that even if I settle a debt, I really don't seem to have a recourse (other than maybe civil for breach of contract) if the collector decides to come after me for the remainder of the debt. First off, if this is the case, is it even worth trying? How many settlements in states like mine are subsequently collected on for the remaining balance?

When the majority of our debts were incurred, we lived in Georgia. Georgia has a restrictive endorsement clause which should stop any further collections, if that law were applied. Would the "most favorable law" doctrine be a good guideline on this?

Any other suggestions/comments are welcome. Thanks!

btw, the debts I'm referring to are still within the SOL for the type.

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