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Should I DV on Palisades Collections? Scary!!


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Hello all

I have Palisade Collections showing up on all three of my CRAs and I want to do a DV but I'm a little afraid to start a commotion as they have not bothered me in a number of years. I have some concerns as to the validity of the account and was hoping that someone may be able to help before I stir the waters...here are the specifics...I believe the account is in regards to a CC what was issued by Providian Bank.

This is the original information from Providian:


Account Number: 020064XXXX

Acct Type: Credit Line Secured, Revolving

Acct Status: Closed

Monthly Payment:

Date Open: 4/1/2001


Terms: Revolving

High Balance:

Limit: $301.00

Past Due:

Payment Status: Account transferred to another office

Comments: Credit line closed-grantor request-reported by subscriber

This account shows 120 days past due as of June 2003

The Palisades Account:


Account Number: PAL1PROV01849XXXX

Acct Type: Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection

Acct Status: Closed

Monthly Payment:

Date Open: 7/1/2003

Balance: $924.00

Terms: 1 Month

High Balance:


Past Due: $924.00

Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department

Now this account shows no data before May 2005 then starts off as "keyed derogitory" as of May 2005 till present.

So my question is when does the SoL start and am I starting up a storm for myself. The original $300 from Providian is mine but this $900 is ridiculous...and why would both accounts be on my reports.

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Providian appears to be showing a zero balance, so based on that alone, it would appear they are reporting correctly.

Your SOL with respect to legal action against you began back when you first went into default on the account (unless you did something to toll it). Find out where you stand with respect to SOL, then deal with your CA accordingly.

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Thanx for the quick response....according to my CR the the last payment was made in Feb. 2002 and went into 30 days late as of March 2002. So with California having a SoL of 4 years am I correct in guessing that the SoL would've been expired in Feb. 2006 even though Palisades says thier account was opened in July of 2003?

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