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Please read up!! There is a ton of information available in the "obtaining credit" forum.

From there, you will be able to decide which card is right for you (unsecured vs. secured).

If you can not find the answer you are looking for, come on back and someone will chime in with an answer!! :)



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Welcome to the CIC, bigredd. You'll find lots of info regarding rebuild credit cards on this site. There is info on the CIC homepage, a 'Credit Rebuild' link at the top of this page, and an 'Obtaining Credit' forum in the discussion boards:


Read, read, read and then come back and ask questions.

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The basic blend of open accounts that the FICO score looks for in giving the best score is:

One major credit card, opened and paid well for at least 2 years.

One store or gasoline card, opened and paid well for at least 2 years.

One automobile loan, paid well for at least 1 year.

One mortgage loan, paid well for 3 years.

You will also gain points for good standing closed accounts. Age is also a factor as they assume older people (over 50) are more responsible**. And, although they won't admit it, where you live can be a factor as economic pressures scale from locale to locale.

**They do this by factoring in length of credit history. FICO gives plus points for a longer credit history. So the older you are, the longer your history is...ergo age is a factor.

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