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I applied for and was approved for a Visa Classic with a limit of $1,000 through Patelco.

I faxed over a paystub as they asked and they said they would send me more info in the mail.

I got my letter in the mail today and they are asking me to either send or fax a copy of my driver's license, social security card and the name of a relative/roommate who is a Patelco member. Well, I have no problem with the DL and the SS card, but I don't have a relaive/roommate who is a Patelco member.

Has anyone had any request like this?

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No. They never asked. Tell them you have heard of the great customer service and would love to be a member.

If that's not good enough, then screw them. There are 1000s of credit unions around. They aren't overly easy to receive approvals from anyway, though I have a credit card with them now. Plus, they have no online payment system and the nearest branch is 2500 miles away from me. so when I make my mail payments, I make sure to give it 10 days to get there and be processed just in case. If you have a credit union that is more local to you, you may want to try that.

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