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late payments removed then reinserted???

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I have two active/open TL's with late payments within the last 2 years. Each TL has 3 separate 30 days late, with the most recent 30 day late showing in April of this year.

I did the goodwill letter strategy, disputed the accounts as "never late" and also as "not mine", spoke with the creditor csr's and then their supervisors, hung-up then called back and spoke to someone different, etc.

BTW, I am a True Credit subscriber and big fan and check my reports daily for improvements, changes, etc. I started this whole process in late May.

On July 5th, I received from TU and updated credit report showing that all 3 30 days late payments on one of these accounts had been completely removed. My score jumped up approximately 40 points.......from mid 600's to 700. I was fired up!!!

However, over the course of the weekend, according to my daily TrueCredit daily update, the creditor (First Premier Bank) must have re-reported the late payments as they have been reinserted all of a sudden. I made my August monthly payment last week and it appears that this payment triggered First Premier to update my account history.

Does this qualify as "reinsertion" and will require TU to send me written notificaiton within 5 days? The FCRA in relation to reinsertion of previously deleted CA's is well documented in our forum here, but I cannot seem to find out if this FCRA rule also applies to open/active accounts such as this First Premier Bank CC account when a CRA, such as TU, removes the late payments.

Look forward to everyone's help.

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Guest marvinds

You're late payments probably weren't "reinserted" by the cra. For an active account, you're account is usually updated monthly with the cra, and this includes entire payment history, including late payments. As long as it's showing late payments with First Premier, the late payments will continue to reappear, probably about the same time each month.

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