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Equifax has 2 credit files for me the other one is not mine!


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i would use the DV technique on the collection agency. yeah it may take 30 days but you could end up making a few grand off them in the process :-)

They are wrong for reporting that.

THEN dispute that collection with the CRA as soon as you debit validate. If they dont validate the debit as yours (they cant ITS NOT YOURS!!!) But verify with the CRA theres a 1000.00 dollar violation right there.

I would also send the cra a letter with a copy of your DL so those morans can see your info is being reported incorrect with a scathing ITS letter for this from this website.

Credit bureaus if they refuse to correct information after being provided proof Defamation, willful injury FCRA Section 623

CUSHMAN, v. TRANS UNION CORPORATION US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Court Case 115 F.3d 220

June 9, 1997, Filed (D.C. No. 95-cv-01743).

Extent of damages incurred by the wronged party, as deemed by the courts

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thank you for your reply hummer...

this is really bugging me, I had a bad dream about it and I woke up angry and couldn’t go back to sleep :(

another thing I noticed... my addresses are all reporting now since 2006 were as before I had my current address reporting since 2001 and a new mailing address reported since February 2006... my concern is I’ve been living at my current address since 1998 but creditors will now think I lived at the mailing address since 4/2006 and the current address since 8/2006...

I just got off the phone with Equifax's special department they claim the date address reported makes no difference and that the Equifax rep from yesterday did not merge my credit file it was the Equifax system that merged it... I told her that I want my original credit file back with all original dates, my original name, and none of my brother's files...

the Rep told me that they are waiting on a fax copy of my driver's license and social security card so that they can identify me and put a block on my report so that my brother's and my credit files are never mixed up in the future...

THe rep tells me that it could take up to 5 days after receipt of my information to change my name back… she said I should fax a letter along with the documents to include my brother's current address, social security number and date of birth...

this is a headache... I’m in the process of writing the letter to send with the fax

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