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Inquiry Dispute "Verified"??

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Hello everyone. New to posting, but this board has been a lifesaver to me.

I had sent a dispute letter to a company that had a hard inquiry on my CR (GE Money Bank for Paypal). They sent me back a letter saying in part:

"You have indicated you believe we have reported inaccurate information to a credit reporting agency. You are questioning the validity of a credit file inquiry made by us. As a result we have reviewed our records and verified the inquiry did occur. The inquiry was accurately reported... Since we have reported accurate information, we are unable to delete or modify what has been reported."

Only the letter was in the envelope, no other supporting documentation or copies. Is this an appropriate "verification"? Do FCRA rules apply to inquiries? Should I go on to dispute it with the CRA's?

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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Per the FCRA, you can dispute whatever you want on your CR. GEMB did what they were supposed to do - investigate your dispute; HOWEVER, you failed to dispute w/ the CRAs first, which grants you grounds for a lawsuit (if it comes to that) under the FCRA §623(a)(8). But needless to say, you always have the right to go to the furnisher and request an investigation.

Dispute w/ the CRAs. For EQ, it's a breeze. For the other 2, you'll have so much better luck w/ a fraud alert on your files (ask to be transferred to the fraud dept).

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Maybe you got a form letter, maybe it wasn't clear to them what your dispute was.

I would write a letter to the GE Money Bank CEO, David Nissen, saying GE Money accessed your credit report without a permissible purpose under FCRA and you intend to sue teh company unless they 1) disclose why they took the CR and what they did with it and 2) have the inquiry removed from your CR. You might be able to email him at david.nissen@ge.com. I would send the letter by certified mail and wait 30 days. Look for the corporate office address in Stamford CT. GE Money is part of the GE consumer finance group.

You might also dispute with the CRA. Again , underline that you have no business with GE and you want to know why the CRA gave them your credit report.

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