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30 day late HUD docs show closing in time frame


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Hi All! Long time, no thread. Situation is as follows:

Sold house 6/30/06 as identified in HUD forms. Mortgage company #1 reporting "Not more than 60 days past due" Still showing trade line open.

Mortgage company #1 transferred account to Mortgage Company #2 on 7/1/2006. Mortgage company #2 paid in full.

Can Mortgage Co. #1 report account as "Not more than 60 days past due" if Hud indicates closing as being 6/30/06?

Why isn't mortgage company #2 showing on CRA's?

Furthermore, never recieved 30 day notice as per FCRA from mortgage co. #1....is fighting this with them and CRA's going to be an effort in futility?

Thanks :)

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