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Contaction OC about unauthorizes Inquiries

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A collection agency (NCC Business Services) did a hard inquiry on my credit and naturally the CRA (TU) gave me the run around when I tried to have it removed.

My understanding is that this is how I can deal with it. Contact the CA via CMRRR and tell them they pulled my credit and I demand to know their permissible purpose (they obviously filled this in inaccurately when having my credit pulled or it would have been a soft, review of tradeline, inquiry). They will either not respond and I can take them to court or they will respond in 1 of 2 different ways. 1, they will say they were reviewing my account (which is NOT how the inquiry is being reported on my credit) or 2, they will respond by saying that it was a voluntary inquiry on my part (obviously not true) and either way I can take them to court.

Can someone who is familiar with this please let me know if I am on the right track, if I have forgotton anything, and if they know the specific laws and rulings to support this? Thanks in advance.

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